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The need for access to private alternative investments, at lower minimums, and at institutional pricing (i.e., where placement fees are paid by fund managers not investors) has been largely underserved in the marketplace.

Through decades of expertise, our team has established trusted partnerships with some of the most prominent fund and wealth managers in the industry.

Our Platform

How it works

Through our quality-driven marketplace, we empower our partners and clients.

Our cloud-based asset allocation platform enables wealth managers to research and select from a diverse network of alternative investment advisers and their private funds, while providing direct access to exclusive quality alternative investments at lower minimums and institutional pricing.

With our strategic partnerships, the Qualis platform provides both high level and deep analytics to assist in investment selection as well as provides additional tools for on-going due diligence.

Connecting managers with advisors and their clients.

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Our Platform

Designed to help streamline the investment process, the Qualis platform is intended to be a comprehensive tool that allows wealth managers to research and select advisers and their private funds, assist them with investment allocation, and provide them with ongoing reporting and support.

Web and Mobile Application

Optimized for mobile devices, the platform makes it easy to navigate through the portal and access the information you need when you need it.

All features are available on a variety of devices from desktop computer to mobile phone.

For the Investment Professional

Access to alternative investments through analytics, research and due diligence.

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We believe this is the future of alternative investing.  Our platform empowers investment professionals with the ability to research and invest in alternative investments directly. 

We have a curated menu of quality hedge funds, private equity funds, real estate funds and private credit funds, all negotiated at institutional prices and generally set to lower minimums.


Our proprietary cloud-based platform enables allocators to research and select from a diverse network of managers and their alternative investments.

Manager selection

With over 50 years of aggregate expertise, our research team practices a disciplined approach of selecting each alternative investment manager approved on the platform. An independent third-party research consultant is also used in the process of vetting each manager.

Due diligence evaluation

Evaluation of managers is made easier through the portal with packaged information on each manager, including firm overview, track record information, rating and access to research reporting.

Iq suitability and education

Our comprehensive proprietary “IQ” suitability tool is available to help measure a client’s risk tolerance, time horizon and investment objectives and eligibility. Educational videos may also be used to give a brief overview of the manager’s strategy and offerings.

Portfolio analytics and reporting

After allocating, our portfolio analytics and reporting will help manage client investments through their life cycle, including absolute and comparative returns.

Support and resources

Our dedicated team of professionals are available for any support you may need along the way.  Additional resources such as white papers and market insights from industry sources will also be made available and updated.


There are substantial risks in investing in private funds. Private funds are suitable only for certain qualified investors. Prospective investors should note carefully the risks. See also 'Certain Private Fund Risk Disclosures' in the Terms of Use.

For Alternative Investment Managers

Qualis Capital partners with wealth managers that have a high conviction towards investing in alternative assets.  For an alternative investment manager, our platform provides access to these strategic relationships within the RIA, family office and broker dealer network.  We believe this large and fragmented universe of allocators and investors are largely underexposed to experienced alternatives.

We believe our platform will help to transform the direction of the financial services industry in alternative investing to third party distribution channels.

Access to our strategic relationships within the RIA, family office and independent BD networks.

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Our manager selection approach seeks to create a diverse platform of strategies.

Our goal is to focus on independent, specialist investment managers with strong risk adjusted returns and disciplined risk management.

We seek differentiated investment strategies with established track records over full market cycles demonstrate a clear and consistent approach. We believe that experience and research capabilities can potentially produce an edge and a return potential not materially eroded by growth.

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Shaping the Future of Investing. 

Qualis is majority owned by TIFIN.

At TIFIN, our mission is to make investing a more powerful driver of financial wellbeing. TIFIN builds engaging experiences through powerful AI and investment-driven personalization. We leverage the combined power of investment intelligence, data science, and technology to make investing a more engaging experience and a more powerful driver of financial wellbeing.

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